Top 10 Cord Organizers for Travel


In my 12 year tenure as founder and CEO of CableOrganizer I did my share of traveling to trade shows and other functions and running an e-commerce company meant I had many devices and gadgets to take with me. Here is a compilation of my top 10 cable organizing products I have personally tried, used and still travel with:


1.       The most important item that reduced space and cable management needs: my beloved retractable RJ-45 cable(also known as an Ethernet cable) that always came in handy when a wi-fi network would be down. You can’t always rely on wi-fi but you can always find an Ehternet jack on a wall somewhere 

2.       Grid-It: a wildly popular cable organizing product as you can endlessly configure it according to your needs. Never leave home without it! 

3.       Wrap-n-strap cable ties. I love them because they are colorful, adapt to your cable bundle size and reusable of course. I also use them to bundle and store my holiday lights 

4.       The Core Cord organizer. Nifty little gadget that keeps my ear buds untangled in my purse or computer bag 

5.       Cable Yoyo. It’s practical, sleek and has a low profile to keep my cords neat, clean and compact in my suitcase 

6.       BlueLounge Cable Clips: Very cool and obviously super compact product that keeps your laptop power cables untangled and wrapped up neatly. I like the flashy colors so I don’t lose them or leave them on a desk by accident 

7.       Retractable cable cord for MP3 players and auxiliary audio (for your rental car if it does not have blue tooth or USB connection to play music): again, I like products that are simple, compact and easy to use when on the go 

8.       Think Tank Cord Organizer Pouch: great product to store all your AC adapters, chargers, USB and computer cables. The dividers make for instant cable management 

9.       Cord-It cable winder: for people like me who don’t have the patience to wrap cords around there hand and secure them with a Velcro strap, the Cord-It it the perfect solution as you insert a cable in the device and simply wind it up 

10.   Bobino Cord Wrap: awesome little gadget that comes in a variety of colors so everyone in the family is responsible for their own cables and eliminates the fighting about who took who’s USB iPad cord or earphone cables


As you can see there are many different types of cord organizers on the market that you may or may not have known about. They all serve the purpose of simply, compactly and easily (meaning fast) organizing cables and small wires so your purse and luggage don’t look like a giant mess of tangled “stuff”. Do you have a favorite product or tip on organizing cables for travel? Please share your thoughts and wisdom in the comment box below.


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