Nine Money Saving Tips For Meal Planning While on the Road

One of the most expensive parts of traveling is the cost of eating out. With meals costing $5-20 a person, the money invested into consumables adds up faster than anything else.

In a recent survey on the summer travel plans of Americans, many respondents shared their secrets for cutting down on food costs while on vacation.

  • One of the most common suggestions was to bring a cooler along for the trip, and stock it with drinks, snacks, and the makings for sandwiches. By keeping food on hand, you can avoid making extra pit stops as you travel, and cut back on expensive convenience store foods.
  • Often the cost of buying groceries at a destination is higher than that at home, so consider bringing enough food to last a few days, picking up only items that tend to go bad while on the road.
  • Another great idea is to buy snacks and drinks in bulk, then package them in smaller containers so that you have snack-sized portions ready-at-hand.
  • When away, try to find a place that allows you to make your own meals. Many hotels and motels have kitchenettes, or camp out with a camp stove for making hot meals. Eat your breakfast before heading out, eat lunch out, and enjoy dinner back at your room. By choosing only one meal to eat out each day, you can save a ton of money.
  • Many restaurants offer discount coupons. These can sometimes be found online. Try searching your destination area for local restaurants, and see what deals they might offer online. You can also try checking out to see if there are any good deals on your route.
    • When eating out, keep an eye on the prices, and try ordering water (in a glass, not bottled) instead of soda or other beverages.
    • Many fast food restaurants provide far too many condiment packages and napkins for your meal, so save them up to avoid needing bulky bottles of condiments on your trip.
    • Make your own coffee for the trip, and bring a thermos to keep it hot for when you are ready to drink it.
    • It is always important to make sure that you have enough to drink, so keep empty water bottles, and refill them as needed to keep you refreshed.
  • By thinking ahead, and packing wisely, you can save a lot of money on food. Every cent saved on meals is money that can be used on more memorable experiences on your trip.

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