Bathroom Decorating For Safety

It's a place for relaxation. It's a place to become beautiful. It's a place to forget about the rest of the world. It's a place to slip and fall and break your hip while you're cleaning up after all the splashing your little boy did before bedtime. That's right. Welcome to the bathroom. 

The thing about the bathroom is that while you do everything you can to keep in line with the interior decorating ideas you find in the magazines and make it beautiful and most of all, enviable, you still have to find a way to make it efficient and of course, safe.

Shower Curtain
Your shower curtain is a good place to start in determining the look and feel of your bathroom as well as taking care of some of the related safety concerns. If you choose a fabric shower curtain you'll be able to periodically wash it in hot water to kill the germs, mold and bacteria that frequent your bathroom. Plus, a fabric shower curtain will add beauty and elegance to an otherwise functional space.

While a plastic shower curtain is cheaper it won't look as nice as a fabric shower curtain and depending on the climate and your ventilation system you'll be forced to change it out often to avoid major mold and bacteria buildup. On the other hand, you could always install a glass door on you shower or bathtub/shower combo for a clean, long-lasting, durable solution to your shower time privacy. Many glass doors are or can be etched to match any bathroom motif you choose.

Bathroom Floor
But your shower curtain is not alone in the fight for a balance between beauty and functionality. Your bathroom flooring is a huge part of keeping your bathroom neat and safe. Single sheet linoleum will keep excess water from getting under your bathroom floor and creating a black mold hazard. In addition it looks clean and is exceedingly simple to take care of. And don't worry about the way the flooring looks. You'll be covering it with bath rugs and bath mats anyway.

A good bath rug is both absorbent and beautiful-you don't have to get a bath rug that has that rubber coating on the bottom and is made shaggy. There are plenty of other options to choose from, like knit or cotton towel. If you have a large bathroom a carpeted area or a less functional area, you can put a higher quality decorative rug in that area to beautify your bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting
Bathroom lighting is the next step in creating a beautiful and safe bathroom. For a true mix between beautiful and functional, a dimmer is the most appropriate lighting function. When you're trying to relax, you can turn the lights down low and when you're trying to clean, bathe your kids, cut hair or do makeup, you can turn the lights up.

Remember, if you know how to go about it, you can have a bathroom that is both beautiful and functional.

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