How to Survive your First Months of Motherhood

Motherhood can take a toll on new moms both emotionally and physically and nothing can quite prepare you for this difficult yet rewarding endeavor. While your needs seem to get swallowed by the demands of a newborn and upside-down schedule, it’s easy to forget to forget how to take care of yourself. Your baby can’t thrive if you are not rested and in good health. Here are a few things you can do right now to survive the first months of motherhood:

1.       Eating a healthy, balanced diet is essential. If you don’t feel up to going to the grocery store with your newborn baby, check out some of the great shop-from-home options. Most grocery stores have a an online shopping service that will bring the groceries out to your car for you, or deliver them to your door.

2.       Another way to eat right well, especially if you are nursing and need extra calories, is to include protein drinks or energy bars to supplement your regular diet, not as meal replacements. Plan to make some healthy meals in advance that can be frozen and re-heated. 

3.       Delegate household chores: ask your partner and other children step up to the plate and take over more of the household duties such as cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, and laundry.

4.       Schedule some time for yourself. Just half an hour a day of “me” time to write in your journal, wash your hair, get together with other new parents in the neighborhood, or take a nap, can help you recover from childbirth on both on an emotional and physical level.

5.       If you have family nearby or another child old enough to supervise the baby for a while enlist their help so you can spend some time alone with your partner/spouse. Schedule a weekly date night to get out of the house. Go for a meal or a walk and reassure yourselves that sleepless nights will eventually subside and your lives will become more manageable again soon.


Taking care of yourself while caring for your new baby is easier said than done, but by planning ahead for your own needs and accepting help from friends and family, you are more likely to tackle the first months of motherhood with good health and less turmoil!


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