5 Minute Organizing to Get You in the Habit

Pick one and ONLY one of the following challenges. Set a timer to see how much you can accomplish in just 5 minutes:

1.       Organize your sock drawer

2.       Organize your underwear drawer

3.       Organize your bra drawer

4.       Tidy up your scarves, ties, belts or caps

5.       Take all the shoes from the foyer and put them away

6.       Load the dishwasher

7.       Unload the dishwasher

8.       Start a load of laundry

9.       Put away the dry-cleaned clothes

10.   Put away toys outside (or in the play area)

11.   Put away stuffed animals

12.   Make your bed

13.   Organize one bathroom drawer

14.   Organize your skirts by color

15.   Organize your pants by color or style

16.   Organize your business shirts by color

17.   Organize your tank tops or sweaters

18.   Tidy up your bathroom

19.   Tidy up a bedroom

20.   Tidy up pillows around the house

21.   Organize one shelf in your pantry

22.   Organize one shelf in your freezer (toss expired items)

23.   Organize one shelf in your fridge (toss spoiled items)

24.   Tidy up your desk

25.   Tidy up your kitchen counters

26.   Tidy up your car

27.   Tidy up your garage counter

28.   Tidy up your tools

29.   Tidy up the shed

30.   Tidy up the front or backyard

31.   Prune a shrub

32.   Pick up some leaves

33.   Set up/take down  holiday decorations

34.   Organize the mail on your desk (file, pay now, toss)

35.   File the mail in your ”To File” pile

36.   Pay your bills (online or write a few checks)

37.   Mail all your bills

38.   Empty your purse and reorganize it

39.   Organize and toss newspapers and magazines

40.   Organize your coupons (toss expired ones)

41.   Empty your Spam, Junk e-mail and Deleted folders

42.   Remove pictures from your digital camera

43.   Plan meals for the week 


Congratulations! You have made your very first step toward a more organized home and a more joyful life. Sometimes, household organizing tasks seem so overwhelming that we don’t know where to begin. By breaking things down into 5-mnute tasks, you will soon see how easy it is to make some real progress. Be proud of yourself and celebrate how much clutter and disorganization you have tamed in just 5 minutes. Take a coffee break, go outside, write your accomplishments in your journal, and share with your friends J

Happy organizing!


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