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Thank you for visiting LifeOrganizers.com. 


We are passionate about organizing and hope that our techniques will bring meaning, balance and joy to what you are in the process of achieving in your life. 

All of us strive to have a peaceful, abundant and purposeful life, yet this means different things to different people.

We know that getting organized can seem like an impossible struggle, filled with confusion and frustration. The mission of LifeOrganizers.com is to provide great advice and easy access to terrific products and services that will help inspire you to make all aspects of your life more organized, while staying Zen and financially sound.

Our first company (Cableorganizer.com), birthed in our garage, was an e-commerce site dedicated to managing cords, wires and cables everywhere: from your TV unit and computer to datacenters and even the space shuttle. LifeOrganizers.com goes beyond organizing your possessions. We realize that life is also about organizing your body, your mind and your relationships to make them more streamlined: to give you the control over your life and extra time for the important things.  

Whether you are organizing a file cabinet, your entire home, or trying to find the time to take the dream vacation you have always wanted, we will help you take control and achieve your aspirations. Come on in and get started!



Paul and Valerie Holstein



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