Organize Your Laundry

Do you dream of the day when your laundry will be under control? It's really not as difficult as it sounds.These 5 tips can help you get and stay on top of this task:

  1. A load a day keeps the laundry away. In my house, it's only my husband, my daughter and me. But we still generate enough laundry to run at least one washer and one dryer cycle each day. It's not difficult to do this. The machines do most of the work!
  2. Sort ahead of time. We have one laundry sorter, and it's kept in the laundry room. When any family member takes his or her dirty clothes off, that person is responsible for taking those clothes to the laundry room, checking pockets for tissues or change, and putting them in the correct bag in our laundry sorter. When it's time to wash, I just toss the entire laundry bag in the washer.
  3. Keep your Laundry supplies together. I keep my soap, stain remover, dryer sheets, etc. on a shelf in my laundry room, right near the machines. In addition, we have a small garbage container nearby for dryer lint. Make it easy on yourself, by making things as convenient as possible.
  4. Remove and fold. As soon as the dryer cycle is done, remove the clothes--before wrinkles have a chance to set in.
    You'll have less ironing. Even if you do have to iron something, the wrinkles will be minimal.
  5. Think twice. Before laundering, determine if that item truly needs to be washed. Very often, I can wear a pair of jeans or a shirt two or three times before running them through a wash cycle. If you do this, your laundry pile won't be quite as big each day.

By Maria Gracia -

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