Tips on How to Organize your Kitchen Pantry

This video with Laura Lawrence a professional organizer will show you how to sort and organize your pantry.
The secret is to first sort out like with like and purge items that are expired or no longer needed.
Next determine a home for every item. Are there somethings that you need to keep out of reach of curious children. These items should be placed higher up.
Non-skid 2-tier turntables can be used for numerous condiments that will now be more accessible.This helps you make use of the space in the back that is usually a blackhole for most items as they never get seen again.
A stepped-storage cabinet organizer is another tool that can help you access the items that used to be behind other items. Hanging racks will help you make use of the space above too. This is a great way to make the very best use of your space.
The next phase is labeling. And you're done! Now sit back and admire all the space you have reclaimed back. 
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