Ways to Cope with the Stress of Parenting

Parenting. Never before has anything so stressful been so rewarding. As your children age, dealing with the everyday stressors will become second nature. Until then, here are some tips on keeping your cool when things have gone awry. 

Those first couple of days home with your new baby are bliss… hearing her coo while she eats, watching her lips twitch while she sleeps, swaddling her in fluffy blankets and cuddling her to pieces – all the best parts of being a new parent. Then it happens. You’re sleep-deprived, un-showered, and bored senseless from the monotony of feed, burp, clean, repeat. You begin to feel stressed, and then you feel bad that you feel stressed. Don’t! It’s expected; having a new baby is a huge adjustment. What you need are some relaxation techniques to take the edge off, and I’ve got them.  

-Cash in on that glass of wine you’ve been denied the past nine months (that one glass, not the bottle… not unless you have a sitter, at least).

-Get a mani/pedi. No cash? Yep, a common dilemma amongst new parents. Have a close friend come to your house and create a mini-spa day while Daddy spends some quality time with the newbie.

-Don the stroller and go for a walk; leave the laundry for later, and take a casual stroll with your little one. Nothing lifts the spirits like some fresh air and exercise - just remember the mosquito net.

-Get lost in a book. Reading relaxes the mind as well as the little one. Babies pay no mind to content, so find a book that interests you, and read out loud to the lad.

-Join a Mommy-and-Me. Groups for moms and tiny babies are becoming much more prevalent in most areas, and the company of other likeminded adults is priceless.

By Laura Viars


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