Organizing a Garage

Your home may be a clutter-free nirvana. Yet the garage tends to become the cluttered storehouse for things unwanted. With racks, shelves and a focus on organization, convert the garage into an organized space.

No matter how organized we are in other areas of our lives, our garages seem to be the one place where disorganization rules.

But this is really valuable space, and if you can organize it you will get a lot of use out to it. But it is a task that no one likes to do. Just remember that organizing your garage simply means finding a place for everything in it so you can find each thing easier and get a job done faster. That should inspire you to get started, if you know you will save time over the long run. 

The first step to take is to sort all of the items in the garage and categorize them. Empty the garage out and put everything in different piles according to category. Tools separate from sporting equipment, electric tools separate from garden tools, etc. You will be amazed at how much stuff you have once you get everything out. But once you know how much you have, you will be better able to start the organization process.

You will probably end up with extra space, since you may find that some things really belong in the attic, or the basement or perhaps, the garbage! tones you have everything in the right place, and keep putting them back in the right place, you will be amazed at how easy things will be. 

Put a special rack in the garage for your lawn maintenance tools. This will keep them out of the way, but accessible. YOU can also store your winter maintenance items such as snow blowers, ice scrapers and shovels as well as winter sports items such as skis, snowboards and sleds. Keep the winter items separate from the summer items, and when seasons change, you can just shift things around to make it more convenient to get the things you will use more frequently. Put the rest of the sporting equipment on racks like this so you are ready for each season. 

If you add shelves and cabinets while you are organizing, you will add additional storage space and it will also help the organization process.

If you use your garage as a workshop, put in a workbench. If you hang shelves and a pegboard along with a tool box to keep the tools locked away, your work area will be easier to keep clean. 

While you are cleaning and organizing, put garbage and recycling bins right near you and throw things away that you know you do not need. If you have to pick them up again to bring them to the garbage, you may have second thoughts. 

You may want to consider hiring someone to install shelves, cabinets and closets in the garage. Investing in the installation of this kind of equipment will make it easier in the long run to keep your items organized and put away.

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