Living Raw Food Diet

"Raw food" is vegetable juice, herbal tea, and uncooked fruits and vegetables. Then add smart dieting habits - no late-night eating, reducing cooked foods, and the like. Health, energy and improved skin tone and weight loss could follow.
If you want to feel healthier, gain more energy, improve your skin and lose weight, follow the living/raw diet…results will appear within few days! Here are the rules:
  1. Drink fresh Vegetable juices everyday if you can (go to Whole Foods)
  2. Drink herbal tea throughout the day (reduce your coffee consumption)
  3. Try to eat raw food as much as you can. Ex: eat 75% raw/living food and 25% cooked food.
  4. Try to avoid eating late at night (stop eating after 7pm as often as you can…ideally it’s advised to stop eating after 5pm, but not always realistic).
Food you are allowed to eat:
•      Cereals: Heart to Heart (by Kashi)
•      Oatmeal
•      Steel-cut oats (you can find it at Whole Foods)
•      Brown rice
•      Protein pasta
•      Couscous
•      Barley
•      Quinoa
•      All sorts of beans
•      Ezekiel bread (sprouted grain bread)
•      All types of vegetables are allowed, including avocadoes, but in moderation. Try to eat raw vegetables as often as you can.
•      All fruits are allowed, except the ones that are stored in syrups.
•      Avoid dairy. You can enjoy soy or rice milk in the morning or in shakes as a snack.
•      You can enjoy fish but only up to 4 times a week (salmon is good for your skin).
•      You can have raw nuts as a snack or as a complement to your meal, but only in moderation.
•      You can have dried fruits, but in moderation as well (a little goes a long way as it’s very sweet).
•      Use natural sweetener as Stevia (in Whole Foods section) or raw honey.
•      You can consume soy/rice cheese and rice butter.
•      Cold 1st pressed Olive and Canola oils are advised, but again: in moderation.
•      Use herbs, spices, lemon, tamari and all types of vinegar to season your meals.
•      Raw Nut butter (almond butter, macadamia butter) is allowed but in small quantities (1-2 tsp a day max).
Forbidden food
•      All animal products (except for fish)
•      All white flour products
•      Sugar or sweet products
•      Pastry
•      White pasta
•      Potatoes
•      Dairy and butter
•      Alcohol
•      Avoid chocolate for now…(sorry)
As a snack or meal replacement, you can have the following shake:
•      1 scoop of protein soy powder (Whole Foods)
•      ½ scoop of Fiber guard powder (Whole Foods)
•      Fruits of your choice
•      Water or soy/rice milk
•      Stevia or dried dates if you want to sweeten your shake
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