Transforming from Chaos to Calm

Chaos is the lack of calm serenity. Help eliminate stress in your life by reducing clutter, organizing your space and making your environment - and life - more pleasant.

Are you getting stressed-out just thinking about everything you have to get done? If so, here's a simple system to help you go from chaos to calm.

1.Stop what you're doing
If you're super-busy and find yourself getting overwhelmed with all the tasks and projects you have to do, the best thing to do is stop what you're doing--at least for a few minutes.

It's vital to take a deep breath and a step back to be sure
(a) you're working on the right things and (b) you're working as efficiently as possible.

2. Be realistic
The other day, someone asked me if I would volunteer my time for an event. I quickly glanced at my busy schedule and graciously declined the offer.
I realized immediately that if I took on this additional project, that I would be in a major time-crunch.
While others may expect you to be super-human, the truth is that everyone has limitations. Know yours and be realistic about how much can actually be completed -- accurately -- in any given day.

3. Keep a running record
There are always going to be things that need to be done. Always have a Master List so you can jot these things down.
This running list serves as a memory tool, so you can free your mind to concentrate on the task at hand.

4. Take your pick
Once you have a Master List, use it to write up a Daily To Do List. Wisely choose four (or five or six--whatever you can handle each day without getting overwhelmed) things from your Master List, and put those items on your Daily To Do List. Work on those four items, and don't put another four on that list until those initial four are completed.

5. Make your environment more pleasant
Are you surrounded by papers and mail? Clear your work area, even if you have to put everything to the side for now. Are your kids interrupting you? Give them a project to do to keep them occupied. Not enough light? Add a lamp, or paint the room a lighter color.
Put on some pleasant music. Light a scented candle. The bottom line is, the more pleasant your environment is the more relaxed you are going to feel.

6. Sandwich in rewards
After we did a bunch of yard work the other day, my husband and I went out on the front patio and relaxed with some lemonade while we flipped through our favorite magazines. After I write my organizing columns for the media, I often take a refreshing walk around my neighborhood. Sandwiching these enjoyable rewards in between my work, makes my day both productive, stress-free and fun.

by Maria Gracia

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