How to Keep School Supplies Organized


You’ve tried the cute little colored pails glued to a Lazy Susan and the labeled mason jars, yet your children’s school supplies are a scattered mess and the pails and jars are empty. Sound familiar? After many years of struggling to tame the clutter, we finally decided to dedicate a single drawer to school supplies. This is how and why it works:

Find a drawer, whether in the kitchen, your home office or the playroom and tell your children that it will be their school supply drawer. There won’t be any more pails or other systems sitting out on a table and there won’t be any clutter to be seen.

Depending on the size of the drawer, buy one or more office drawer organizers (they are laid out better than kitchen organizers) and place them in your drawer.  If you don’t have the budget for that, no problem: cut the bottom of cereal boxes and other small boxes to create several separate compartments that are roughly the height of the drawer.

Use a separate compartment or small box for each type of school supply: glue, pencils, pens, colored pencils, makers, dry-erase markers, glue sticks, tape, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc.

 Having an organized, dedicated school supply drawer in a central location has been a life saver. No more wondering where the glue sticks are. No more buying extra pencils during the school year because they can’t be found. No more clutter on the countertops. Everything has a place; everything is hidden in the drawer and out of sight. The kids can easily keep the drawer tidy and you can relax J

Now that we have shared how to organize a school supply drawer, it’s your time to share your pictures and tips!


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