No More Clutter

Want to ditch the clutter in your life? Practice these five simple steps. They may seem obvious, but ditching things unwanted can work wonders to improve your home's organization and cleanliness.

1) Don't keep things you don't like. This may sound obvious, but it's amazing how many people have things in their homes that they're really not fond of. It could be a pair of pants that you never wear because you don't like the style or how they fit, but you're keeping them because they were an expensive purchase. It may be an old, ugly piece of furniture catching dust in your basement that you're only keeping because it belonged to a loved one. The bottom line is, if you don't like it, it should not have a place in your home. Donate it to someone who will enjoy it.

2) If you're keeping it for someone else... remember, your home is not the town storage facility. If you're holding on to things for your daughter who is now married with kids, pass on those items to her so she could decide whether to keep or toss them. If you and your next door neighbor recently had a rummage sale together at your home, and your neighbor's goods that did not sell are still at your home, have her come pick them up tomorrow or offer to have a charity pick them up if she no longer wants them. Your storage should be reserved for you and the family members currently living in your home.

3) Aim to reduce by a definite number. When getting rid of clutter in a specific area, have a goal in mind. That is--a specific goal. Saying you want to get rid of SOME clutter is very vague. But saying you want to get rid of 20 items, or 50% of the clutter, is very specific. Focus on reaching your definite goals.

4) When you buy something new, get rid of something old. If you just keeping adding possessions, without getting rid of anything, you home will soon be overflowing. Avoid this overflow by simply following the one in, one out rule.

5) Never say never. If you constantly feel like you're drowning in clutter and you don't believe you'll ever be able to surface, the chances of you getting rid of your clutter are pretty slim. Never say you'll never get rid of the clutter. Always have a positive, can-do attitude and believe in yourself. Never allow your clutter to rule your life. You're in charge.

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