How to Organize Shoes in Any Situation

Whether you have a walk-in closet, small closet or no closet, there are solutions for organizing your shoe collection. Organizing shoes is all about having the right storage solution that fits your space and personality.

Before you decide on a storage solution or type of container you will use, how much space can you allocate for shoes and how many shoes do you plan to keep? This is the time to take an honest look at your shoe inventory. Can you toss some of them? Can you donate the ones that don’t fit or are out of style? The best rule is to keep only what you can easily store.

If you have a walk-in closet, and have shelves that can be dedicated to shoes or, if your closet has built-in cubbies, chances are you don’t need to buy any bins or containers to store all of your shoes. If you need additional shelves, add them. You can put the shoes into shoe boxes and stack them up on shelves or into existing cubbies.  But if you have more shoes than cubbies, place extra shoes in clear plastic boxes or take pictures of your shoes, and print them big enough that they cover the front of the shoe box. This will create visual cohesiveness and a happy mind.

If you have a small closet that has some open space, especially below clothing on hangars, make use of the unused vertical space with some ready-to-assemble shelves or cubbies. If your closet is packed, you may opt for a shoe organizer that can hang on the front or back of the closet door.

Additionally, you could install shelves above the closet door and stack them up to the ceiling. Keep seasonal shoes at arm’s reach and use the upper shelves for snow boots, rain boots and special occasion shoes you don’t wear often.

One way to “cheat” and make a little bit more room for that super cute pair you have been eyeing for months is to ditch the shoe box and set your shoes on the shelves so that one faces you and one faces the wall. This pattern will allow you to squeeze more shoes into a small space.

If you are in a dorm room with absolutely no space for anything, you may opt for long, low-height, clear rolling plastic under-the-bed box. We like the clear plastic ones because you can easily identify what’s inside.  Try to avoid letting them pile up on the floor.

If you live in an apartment, store lots of shoes in a small entry way using a trunk with dividers or large decorative basket with a lid.

If your home has a garage or outdoor shed and you are running out of space inside your dwelling, aside from tossing some unused shoes, try large plastic totes for storing the garden boots, rain boots, snow boots, ski boots, in the shed or garage, instead of jamming everything in a bedroom closet.


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