Daily Cleaning Tips

Dust off surfaces and breathe in the fresh air

Dust off your blinds, pleated shades, ceiling fans and anything that hasn't been dusted in a while. Your home will feel clean and fresh. Your environment will be much healthier for you and your family.

Make a clean sweep

Sweep the floors, sweep out the garage, sweep the sidewalk, and sweep out negative thoughts. Hanging on to frustration and anger will surely drain your energy and bring you down. For every negative thought that enters your mind, force yourself to think of three positive things--this way, you'll be training your mind to re- focus. In fact, as you're sweeping out your home, think of all the negative energy you're sweeping out too.

Do it daily 

While organizing and cleaning on a daily basis may sound daunting, it only truly requires about 20 minutes of your time each day.
When the last person gets out of the shower, spray down the walls with some shower cleaner. Quickly disinfect the toilet bowl each night. Turn the dishwasher on. Toss a load of clothes in the washing machine. Dust a few pieces of furniture. Vacuum a room. File a few sheets of paper.
You get the picture. Each of the items mentioned above just takes a few minutes--some even take a few seconds.

20 minutes per day, comes out to just over 2 hours per week--which is a very reasonable amount of organizing and cleaning time for the average household.
However, leave cleaning tasks for a week or two and very often the situation will get out of control. The tub will need to be scrubbed. The laundry will be piled to the ceiling. Your To Be Filed pile will be overflowing.

Let it go too long and deep-cleaning and heavy organizing time is required, which is much more time-consuming than simply organizing and cleaning a little bit each day. Whereas you would have spent just 2 hours in a week, now you'll find you have to spend an entire Saturday deep- cleaning and catching up.

Subtract Steps

Unload groceries from your shopping bag, directly into the refrigerator or pantry, instead of first putting them on the countertop.
Put all of your cleaning supplies into one bucket and carry the bucket from room to room as you clean, rather having to walk back and forth to your cleaning supplies area.
Fold clothes as you're taking them out of the dryer so they're ready to be put away.In other words, don't take many steps to complete a task that can be done in just a few simple steps.

Top It and Dust Less 

Keep refrigerator tops and wall shelves dust free without having to dust, by topping each with an inexpensive piece of fabric, cut to cover the area.

Every month, just pop the fabric into the washing machine. Then, put it back.

You'll never have to dust these areas again!

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