Choose cureUV for UV Surface Disinfection and UV Air Purification Products

These UV Air Purifiers from mount right on the wall

I bet you never realized how many surfaces contaminated with germs and bacteria you touch in just one day.  This activity can spread many diseases and viruses.  To combat these evils, has a complete line of personal UV solutions such as our small Nano UV Scanner Sterilizer and our Nano UV Wand Scanner , for household use and travel.  UV AirPurification is just as important in the home and workplace.  There are several ways to make sure the air you breathe is clean and germ-free.  Another solution is installing a UVC Germicidal Lamp also referred to as an HVAC UV system .  This will re-generate the clean air all throughout your home while killing 99% of all germs and bacteria before they have a chance to reach your air ducts and eventually, the air in your home.

Breathe easy with cureUV !

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