10 Steps to Wellness Checklist

Become a Healthier, Happier You. Here are 10 important choices we need to consider in our search for wellness.

1. Choose a healthy diet. It's not always easy to do that but if we don't feed our bodies the correct fuel, we can't expect them to operate at their best. Eating healthy doesn't mean that we have to give up eating everything that we like just because it's not good for us - we just need to be mindful that we have lots of healthy fruit and veggies and stay away from soft drinks and french fries.

2. Supplement your diet. No matter how careful we are about the food we eat, it's just about impossible these days to maintain good health without supplementing. 'Food just ain't what it used to be!' Even if you do eat heaps of fruit and vegetables, chances are that they are not as rich in nutrients as they should be.

3. Keep your body hydrated. Drink plenty of good quality water, and that doesn't mean tea, coffee or juice. Only water is water.

4. Keep a handle on your weight. Too much weight puts a huge strain on our system and is responsible for many of the life threatening diseases so prevalent today. Consider the glycaemic index of the foods you eat. Eat foods with a low glycaemic index and you'll notice a great improvement in your overall health as well as your weight.

5. Don't smoke. It's not worth it!

6. Get regular exercise. We all know it's important - but do we do it?

7. Keep your stress levels down. There is plenty of help available for you in this area.

8. Work at developing your self image and improving your self confidence. There are many strategies and excellent books available to help you with this.

9. Make time for fun and laughter. 'Life is meant to be fun', and it is so true 'that laughter is the best medicine'.

10. Don't let financial worries get you down. Money is only money anyway and although it's hard to get along without it, the world is full of opportunities.

Consider all these 10 simple steps to wellness, make changes where necessary and have some fun while you check out your 'wellness' on the "wellness wheel".

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