Is Your Car Full of Clutter?

You've conquered clutter in the house, the garage, and the office. What about the car? If the car is a clutter zone, spend an hour cleaning it out, freshening it up and organizing it for tomorrow. You might enjoy its company again.

Is your car full of clutter? Completely empty it out. Get rid of all trash, empty the glove compartment, declutter the trunk and remove the papers building up on your visor. Then, store some plastic grocery bags in your car to collect trash, and empty those bags in the trash can each night.

Keep two plastic containers in the trunk of your car--one with emergency items and another with anything else you like to travel with. These containers will help corral the clutter and keep things organized.

Your glove compartment should only contain a few necessary items, such as your car manual, sunglasses, one local map, one state map, a pen and a small pad of paper.


Paper Clutter

Everyone thought that when the computer age began to get strong, that paper would be a thing of the past. No such luck! 

Paper has grown tremendously in the past 10 years. Paper clutter includes papers that don’t contain information you’re planning to use now or in the future, or papers that you do not have

an effective place for. Typical paper clutter can include bills, warranties, letters, memos, cards, sticky notes, mail, advertising flyers, school papers, insurance policies, etc.

Always follow the 4 D’s of effective paper management:

Do it: If an action is necessary with the paper you have, do the action right now and when you’re done, decide if the paper needs to be filed, or can he recycled.

Delegate it: If the paper can be assigned to someone else or belongs to someone else, give or send it to that person immediately.

Delay it: If you need to take action on this paper, or if you need to reference it later on, delay it by putting it into an appropriate filing system; a Tickler File System, a Bill Paying System, your filing cabinet, etc.

Dump it: Most of the papers we get on a daily basis can be dumped immediately. Open mail over the recycle bin. Go through your In Box every day.


Don’t delay your decision or paper shuffle. Make a quick.


Recognize Clutter

As a rule, if you don't use it or enjoy it, it's nothing more than clutter. If you don’t know what it is, it’s clutter. If it’s too nice to use, it’s clutter. Toss it or give it to someone who will use it and appreciate it.


Clear Work Surface-Clear Mind

If your work surface looks like a tornado just whipped through it, how will you be able to concentrate on the project at hand?

Do you really want to pay your bills, write a letter, work on a craft, or check your kid's homework among piles of scattered files, papers, mail and magazines?

A messy, disorganized work area results in scattered thoughts and stress. It's nearly impossible to think straight when you're working in such a chaotic situation.

The only paper on the desk or table you're working on, should be the task or project you're doing right now. File everything else away, or at the very least, temporarily move it to another area.

Once your work surface is completely clear, you'll then be ready to work in a stress-free, productive manner.


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