Tips for Organizing your Linens: End the Confusion over the Bath Towels

Linen Organization
Linen Organization

If you have a linen closet that looks like a cluttered mess, it’s time to invest in some decorative storage bins. Choose small bins for small items and large bins for bigger items.

Label bins for each type of item that needs to be stored: bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, sheets and pillow cases, etc. Bins make it easy for everything to be stored in an easy to find place and they make your linen closet look really nice and tidy, even when the linens are NOT perfectly folded.

The best tip ever: Color Coding
For the simplest solution to which linens go in which room, everything can be color coded. The master bath has bed linens and matching towels sets of one color (blue), the guest bathroom has towel sets and bed linens that are all brown. Kid #1 has pink-colored linens and towels and kid #2 has blue colored linens and towels. Get it?

Whenever laundry gets done, there is no confusion or fighting over who gets which linens because everyone’s bedroom is associated with a specific linen color. Sorting laundry is a breeze because you have removed the guessing game of what belongs where and in what quantity.

Go vertical:
Another linen organizing tip is to use any vertical space that is empty. Under-the-shelf baskets or shelves that slide onto to the main shelf are a great way to accomplish that.

When you store extra pillows, comforters and blankets, use space-saver vacuum-sealed bags to tame their size. Write a description of what is inside (guest room down comforter – Queen Size) to a full sheet of paper, place the sheet of paper into the space bag facing out so you can easily read it, remove the air with the vacuum cleaner and you should still be able to see the label after the air is removed.

We certainly hope these tips for how to organize your linen closet were helpful. If you have any great tips of your own to share, please comment below. Happy organizing!


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