How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom on a Budget

Luxurious Bathroom on a Budget
Luxurious Bathroom on a Budget

Who doesn’t like the look and feel of a luxurious hotel bathroom or spa? The atmosphere is serene, the décor simple and the smell heavenly. By updating and making simple changes on a modest budget, you may be closer to a having a luxurious, relaxing bathroom than you think.

Don’t go through an expensive and time-consuming remodel if you don’t have to. Maybe it’s time to update your light sconces or fixtures to more modern ones and add a dimmer for softer bathroom lighting? Reface the cabinets and vanity by changing the doors or painting them for a fresh new look. Repaint your bathroom walls with a neutral color or add ocean colors like light sea foam and sand with a hint of sky blue. Change outdated cabinet knobs for something more stylish; go modern or natural with bamboo or recycled glass.

Add several unusual scented candles near the tub or on top of your toilet tank. Spa scents can be spicy, citrus, flower blossoms or any unique scent combination that appeals to you.

Instead of old, mismatched towels, invest in some plush hand towels or matching bath towels, or both, to add a touch of coordinated color and softness to the room.

Replace your ordinary shower head with a spa-like raindrop showerhead ; maybe even one with a hand-held attachment found in upscale hotel showers.

Find a shower caddy to organize your shampoo, razor, loofah and soaps in one place and off the floor.

Change your shower curtain to a calm color, unique design or organic cotton fabric.

Hate your mirrors? Add a ready-made picture frame around them or purchase an oversized mirror (maybe an inexpensive full-length mirror) and install it horizontally in place of two predictable side-by-side mirrors.

Add an orchid or favorite humidity-loving plant to bring nature into your bathroom.

Clean up your sink surrounds and other surfaces by storing essentials inside the medicine cabinet (is it time to de-clutter your make-up drawer and the linen closet next?)

Instead of mismatched accessories, use a matching bathroom set for a coordinated soap dish, toothbrush holder and drinking glass.

Use pretty wicker bins or sea grass baskets to hide bulky but necessary items such as hairdryers, curling/straight irons, extra towels and toilet paper and kid’s bath toys

Turning your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary isn’t far-fetched and can be done on a budget. Now all you have to do is work on carving out some free time to enjoy it and add a little bit of aromatherapy for extra stress-relief.


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